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How do I find company financial information?

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Regis Library subscribes to Mergent Online. It is located on the Business Research GuideCorporate Financials.

Mergent Online provides company information for publicly traded companies. Simply type in the name of the company you are interested in researching in the Company Search field. For example, if you are interested in researching coffee shops like Starbucks, you can simply type in Starbucks of their ticker symbol (SBUX).

Toggling between tabs will help you find relevant data about your company including Company financials – Ratios. When you click on the different tabs, a subset of tabs will appear for more options to search. In the “Company financials” tab you gain access to a company’s Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Retained Earnings, & Cash Flow Statements. Simply click on the drop-down menu for “Balance sheet” and select which report you want and click “Refresh.” Notice you can also select how many years back reported you want to review.

Company ratios are also available in the subset of choices under “Company profiles.”


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