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How do I find industry ratios?

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Regis Library subscribes to a database called IBISWorld. It is located on the Business Research GuideIndustries.

For example, if you are looking for industry wide ratios for Breweries in the U.S. simply type in the keyword “breweries” in the “Start Your Search Here” search box located on the IBISWorld landing page.

The auto-populated search will provide a list of various industries from 44531 - Beer, Wine, & Liquor Stores in the U.S. to 31212 - Breweries in the U.S. Go ahead and select the industry and a report will populate with valuable information from Industry Performance, Competitive Landscape, to “Key Statistics” located on the left-hand column under Navigation.

Not only will you find data going back ten years but 3-10 projections with the option to search various Asset Classes. Each table can be downloaded as well as the entire Industry Report for the particular industry.


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